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SEO Mistakes That'll Make Google Hate Your Site

seo Here are the 8 SEO mistakes that will make Google hate your website. Google is concerned about its users and drives content that are useful and valuable to them. So when there are thousands of websites with content revolving around a particular topic, how does Google pick the best among them? One criterion for Google to rank websites is the quality of content on these sites. Original, unique, and valuable content that educate and inform users are given top priority over recycled and duplicate content. Instead of ripping off copy content, try to create original and meaningful content to not get pushed behind in search results. Ranking in Google is all about choosing the right keywords and optimizing your site using them. One of the most common mistakes is choosing keywords that are too generic and avoiding long-tail keywords. While you use certain terms to define your products, it is necessary to understand what your potential customers might refer to them while they search. It is ideal to do a careful and thorough research before you start optimization. Some tools that will be useful in keyword picking are Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Uber Suggest, and SEMrush. Google understands that a website is trusted and reputable when there are backlinks to it from high-quality websites. Building a solid reputation for your website is essential or Google may rank you lower in comparison to other similar websites in your domain.

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